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The world's first software for monitoring accesses to Windows file servers

Today, many surveillance cameras are installed at automatic teller machines to photograph people using them in order to prevent crimes. Then, if a crime does occur, these images will be used as evidence to crack the case. Like these cameras, VISUACT is a system for monitoring and recording activities directed at Windows file servers.VISUACT goes beyond a system for merely saving all the packets sent to/from file servers. VISUACT is the world's first system for analyzing and recording in real time who did what toward which file when. VISUACT even goes beyond being a network protocol analyzer. Unlike network protocol analyzers, VISUACT graphically displays the analysis results of who did what toward which file when so that even non-network engineers can intuitively understand.VISUACT deters unauthorized accesses to Windows file servers and provides logs which can serve as the key to solving crimes that may take place.

As the findings of the latest Computer Crime and Security Survey by the CSI and FBI show, theft of proprietary information by insiders still causes the greatest financial loss to organizations including corporations and governmental agencies. For crime prevention and future tracing back if an incident happens, it is therefore vital for organizations to maintain maximum network security by monitoring and recording accesses to file servers which store mission-critical data.

Through its sophisticated proprietary technologies, Azbil SecurityFriday analyzed non-open Microsoft network protocols and developed a new technology to extract information about users' actions from multiple packets transmitted between Windows file servers and users' computers. This technology provides the world's first solution for recording accesses to Windows file servers and visually displaying the information of who did what toward which file when, which was not made available before. Features include:

  • Graphically displaying accesses to file servers in real time.
  • Recording accesses to file servers in the easy-to-understand form of action information of who did what toward which file when.
  • No additional CPU load is added since installing VISUACT or related software into file servers or users' computers is not required.
  • Action information in text format can be written to text files or used as input to other vendors' monitoring system.

Technical Document:

Network Analysis Technology for Microsoft Network Visibility (pdf 52k)




The Screen of VISUACT
  The screen of VISUACT

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