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Company Information

Azbil SecurityFriday was established in April 2000 by a team of network security technology researchers in Yamatake Corporation (*1) and has continued its technology research since then, focusing on intranet security. Today, the Azbil SecurityFriday name is well known and well regarded worldwide as a Windows security technology research team.

Intranet security issues are different from Internet security issues in some aspects. First, an intranet usually belongs to a corporation, accessible by corporation employees who are considered trusty enough to be authorized users. Unlike illegal accesses from the Internet as part of an attack, a malicious access attempted within a corporation is difficult to distinguish from required accesses for business. Secondly, for an intranet built for better productivity, top priority should be given to a corporation's comprehensive performance. If a suspicious access should occur, therefore, servers cannot be shut down merely for detection, which could result in performance deterioration. This means that any state-of-art technologies deployed in your security system cannot protect your organization against internal security breaches.

We have concluded from our research on intranet security that network security issues cannot be addressed with technology alone. The sense of security awareness in your organization should be increased. We strongly believe that firmly establishing awareness is crucial for improving the security level in today's networked society. At Azbil SecurityFriday, we are committed to providing totally new solutions that address intrinsic man-caused network security concerns. Our solutions are backed up by our proven technologies, many years of experience, and significant accumulated expertise.

(*1 Yamatake Corporation is at the forefront of Japan's auto-mation industry.)

Company profile:
  1. Company name

    Azbil SecurityFriday Co., Ltd.

  2. Established

    April 16, 2003

  3. Capital

    ¥50 million

  4. Investment partners

    Yamatake Corporation: ¥42.5 million (85%)
    Founding members: ¥7.5 million (15%)

  5. Officers

    President: Daiji Sanai
    Director: Yoshio Nakaoka
    Director: Hiroshi Arai
    (Executive Officer and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Department, Yamatake Corp.)
    Auditor: Hiroshi Sato
    (Senior Manager of the Finance Division, Yamatake Corp.)



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