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Automatically passing NTLM authentication credentials on Windows XP

Windows XP will perform NTLM authentication when connecting to a remote SMB server. This could allow a malicious user to obtain your NTLM authentication credentials without your knowledge.

A malicious user could exploit this behavior by putting a normal Microsoft Word document on a normal IIS and running a rogue SMB server on the same machine. After opening the document (just close it), an XP client with WebClient service would attempt to initiate a SMB session to the server - automatically passing NTLM authentication credentials to the malicious server's owner.

Disable WebClient service at your own risk.

My test environment:


  • Windows 2000 server with IIS 5.0 by default
  • Place zzz.doc in wwwroot\test folder.


  • Windows XP SP1 with Microsoft Office 2000 SP3 or 2002 SP3, and Windows XP SP2 with Microsoft Office 2002 SP3
  • Access with Internet Explorer and open with Microsoft Word plug-in.
  • Close it or access another page. Then Windows XP will attempt to access \\\test via SMB.
  • Confirm that a shortcut to \\\test is placed in My Network Places.

(Sep. 2004)

For your reference:

Rainbow tables for NTLM authentication not hashes

Additional information about throwing a fixed challenge with SMBRelay; the last part of

This is how to "Prevent Network Share Shortcuts from Being Added to My Network Places" but does NOT resolve this problem.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 242578

Similar vulnerability

img src="file://\\\test" is also still alive after 7 years



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